Gocce di magia

Ogni libro è una successione di immagini e parole. Spesso alcune di queste colpiscono più di altre, lasciandoci del libro quei ricordi che poi restano anche a distanza di anni. Questi piccoli frammenti di storie possono ricreare atmosfere ed emozioni.
Per questo condivideremo con voi un piccolo frammento di storia, nella speranza che lasci qualcosa anche in chi non l’ha ancora letta.

Soulless, Gail Carriger

“Be fair, my lord. You undertook to ignore her first.”
“Of course I ignored her! It is her responsibility to come to me at this juncture. I made my initial interest perfectly clear.”
I kissed her,” he explained, aggrieved.
“Mmm, yes, I had that dubious pleasure of witnessing that, ah-hem, overly public occurrence.” Lyall sharpened his pen nib, using a small copper blade that ejected from the end of his glassicals.
“Well! Why hasn’t she done anything about it?” the Alpha wanted to know.
“You mean like whack you upside the noggin with that deadly parasol of hers? I would be cautious in that area if I were you. I am reasonably certain she had it custom made and tipped with silver.”